Thursday, October 8, 2009

Has my life resolved to this?

So I just realized how completely geek-y I am sometimes. Okay stop laughing now, I know. It is only Thursday and I am completely wishing the weekend away until Sunday when I can watch the Season Finale of my shows on Lifetime! Drop Dead Diva is such a great show. Then I watch Army Wives. It really doesn't have a lot in common with real Army Wives and only somewhat of an actual concept of the the real Army, but, I love it anyway. So the Season Finale's are this Sunday and I'm thinking YAY can't wait to watch them and AWWWW it's the Season

Homeschooling is going great. Cody is continually surprising me with his intellect. Austin is Austin and that's all I can ask for. He's a handful and sometimes makes it near impossible to complete lessons. Mom tries to take care of him as much as possible, however, with her NMH it's hard on her and inevitably wears her out completely in one day. I was seriously considering just putting him into Paint Valley School District Monday, but, when I talked to Cody about it on Tuesday he started crying and said he didn't want to go. He loves homeschooling. I was shocked and knew it all at the same time.

We are planning a great trip Saturday to King's Island's Hauntfest. We are planning on taking along our dear friend Beatty and his special someone Annie. Hopefully, Karen and Jason will be able to join us as well. We are so excited. We can't wait to ride the Diamondback at night and for our wits to be scared out of us.

Work is slowing down for Eric and that's a scary thought. We had put money back to save for winter's financial hiatus, but, I had to have 6 teeth pulled/cut out so there went our savings account. Seriously it left us with $25 in there. It was awful and I feel incredibly guilty. This winter when we are scrimping and scraping it's gonna be because of me. Yay! We will make it through but hopefully we will win the lottery....ahahaha.

Okay so I'll close with some funny and charming antecdotes from Austin. Funny=When we fake cry to achieve a kiss from him-he calls us "baby". Charming=Today he told me bible and was carrying his children's bible around. How cute is that!