Thursday, January 28, 2010

Somehow I have managed....

Somehow I have managed to not post anything for months. That is awful! Not that I haven't had plenty of stuff to post just that I haven't posted I don't know where to start even. I guess I'll start with homeschooling and work my way from there.

Homeschooling is everything I thought it would be and more. I love homeschooling Cody most of the time. It's so fun to watch your child "get" a concept and give you his points of view on the topic. The curriculum of Ohio Virtual Academy is much more advanced than a regular public school. So much in fact, that it keeps me thinking about our subjects after we are done with them. History is by far the most in depth to me. We have learned about The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Christianity (how it was spread throughout the world), Catholicism, and The Islamic Empire so far. These are topics that our local school district teaches in Middle School at best. As much as I love homeschooling I don't think we'll be continuing next year for more than one reason. The first reason is Austin. Austin is one of those I have to have my Mommy for everything children, and while that is great on one hand, it seriously debilitates our school days. The second reason is more of a financial reason. I feel like I need to be contributing more financially to our family. So we'll see how this summer goes but more than likely Cody will be going to the local school for third grade next year.

We had an awesome Christmas season filled with tons of family and memories. We got a couple of Christmas surprises. The first being that my sister-in-law (Eric's sister) is expecting baby number 2! A complete surprise to all including Karen and Jason. My brother and his wife will start attempting to get pregnant in the spring/summer! Two of Eric's cousins are expecting as well.

Oh I have so many thoughts running through my head right now it's really hard to put them in order enough to get them typed out lol.

I feel "lost" most times anymore. I don't know why but I wonder what my purpose is. Obviously it's to be a mother and wife and those roles are my upmost favorites. But don't I have anything else to offer the world? I have been thinking about journalism and such. Something I could do at home and send in somewhere but I for one have no clue how to do that and where I should even start. An online magazine (is there such a thing? I don't think it's called magazine.) would be awesome but again I have not researched or done anything about it. In my wonderful world where I have an amazing husband/best friend and two awesome boys how could I possibly feel like something is missing? I almost feel ashamed to type it on here and it may make an editing cut before I publish. I just feel blah. Eric is laid off right now and maybe it's our financial issues that cause this blahdism but I just feel blah.

We have big plans for this tax season. Hopefully we will be able to pay off our truck, pay off a small loan to my Grandma, and give Mom and Dad some money towards the groceries and electric bills that they've had to pick up the tab on. I don't know where we'd be without them. We'd also like to get Cody's four wheeler fixed and a chest protector bought for him. We'll see how that goes. Our original plans was to buy a boat but that's not feasible at this time. We're working on our financial situation and trying to get ahead of it. We do not, by no means, spend outside of our means, but, you have to have means to pay your bills and with layoff pay it's just not there.

This is all I have time for right now. More to come I'm sure.

Oh p.s. Austin calls Karen's baby bump Noah. So when we find out the sex of her baby let's hope for Austin's sake it's a boy! lol.