Saturday, February 6, 2010

snow among other things

Well we finally got a good snow down here in Southern Ohio. Hence, my husband is out playing in it on the four wheeler. He somehow contracted poison ivy while cutting up some firewood for the garage earlier in the week. He's pretty itchy but we're wondering if it's poison ivy or oak or sumac. He usually gets covered head to toe when it's ivy and he only has it on his wrists and eyebrows (from wiping sweat).

We went to Dayton to the doctor the other day. Cody needed some prescriptions refilled and he got a cold a couple of days before the appointment. We wanted to make sure it wasn't anything Dimetap couldn't take care of. It wasn't so he and now Austin are both on Dimetap for a little while. That's one thing about winter that bugs me is the stinking colds. It doesn't help that we live in Ohio where one day it's 42 degrees out and the next day it's 25 with a windchill of 18. Crazy Ohio weather I swear.

Everything has been going pretty good. Austin slept all night in his bed one day this week and the next night he didn't sleep at all. Last night he tossed and turned a ton and was literally kicking the crap out of my chest.

Cody is doing excellent at school. We have left the Roman Empire, the Islamic Empire, and now we're learning about the Vikings. He's started his multiplication tables and is continuing to read at what is now calibrated as an 8th grade reading/comprehension level in grade 2!!!!! He's so smart. I don't know where he got that from. lol

We're continuing to pray for a dear friend of the family. She will hopefully be getting a much needed surgery early next week.

I've been planning Cody's birthday party a little at a time. He'll be 8 in March this year. I have so far ordered him a Birthday Boy t-shirt he knows nothing about. I picked the day and time of the party. And, yep that's it that's all I

I can't wait for Spring to get here. I have been tanning a little and trying to monitor portions so that by the time full fledge summer gets here I can be in a bathing suit on the boat and not worry about which fat roll is hanging out of where. Yeah now get that image out of your head I dare