Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cody's Surgery!

So it happened! Cody had his consult with the surgeon today. They are taking out his tonsils and adenoids next Wednesday. While I was hoping it wouldn't be like weeks from now I wasn't expecting it to be next Wednesday. I'm so scared, but, I know that it needs to happen. When I told the doctor that he had tonsillitis 4 times in 3 months he was like woah! So he said definitely we are going to take care of that. The Dayton Head and Neck office in their Englewood office has THE nicest staff ever! I have never been to a doctor's office where at least one person isn't grumpy or whatever and there wasn't ONE person there. They were so friendly and did everything that they could to help and answered ALL our questions without getting annoyed. It was so refreshing to be able to take your time and ask your questions. Cody's a little scared but they gave him a comic book that explains the whole procedure kid friendly....now he thinks they are putting a space ship down his throat lol.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Okay so if you don't have one of these GET ONE! This is like the best kitchen gadget ever! It basically breaks up the hamburger etc. when you are browning it. I made chili tonight for supper and I also made some garbage dip too. It's a really simple recipe and it tastes so YUMMY! Anyways you can get this wonderful tool at www.ltdcommodities.com.

Other than that not too much happened today. I cleaned up the house a bit. Austin had a biter biscuit and cheetos so he had to have a midday bath. That's something I usually do in the early evenings but he was soooooo gross. About 20 minutes after his bath I had let Wrex out and he got all muddy playing with Moosehead. So after I put Austin down for his nap I had to give Wrex a bath. He does really well however he weighs like 200 lbs. He's a huge yellow lab and it's all I can do to lift his front paws into the tub. So my back hurts and we decided to play some cards after supper tonight. Other than that nothing...I have such a boring life.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what's up?

There is not much to say really. Mom has finally gotten a diagnosis after three years of waiting and being sick. She has neuro-mediated hypotension. It's sort of a heart condition that affects you're brain sort of. It's like that feeling when you stand up too fast? It also is linked with fibromyalgia. So that explains a lot of her pain and stuff. Hopefully now they will get a remedy of medicines that will work and help her lead a semi-normal life. This is a highly genetic disorder. Good luck to me I guess....

The boys are doing fine. Austin now has two budding teeth. The two bottom in the front. Cody however has two loose teeth. On is his front right tooth and the other is a bottom left canine, or the tooth beside that. He's doing pretty good at school and stuff. His academics are superior but his behavior is still a little stuggle. He fights every day really hard to just be calm in class. Ergo my constant battle of my mind with homeschooling. Geesh I'm redundant. I can't help it. I think about it constantly and it torments me. I find myself unable to fall asleep as easily as usual because I can't quit thinking that maybe he will be better off if I do it. UGH! I don't know.

Eric and I are good. There is a funny story about our first trip to Menard's here in the big ol town of Chillicothe. I'm NOT telling that story but let's just say we were given a free gift for going to the store. Don't ask what it was. hahaha There is a rocking ceiling fan there though. We will have it.

Valentine's Day was a bust. We really didn't have any money to do anything special or anything. In fact I think the last time we did do anything special for each other was like 3-4 years ago. I usually get a rose but it was out of the question this year. We were able to get the boys something small. Austin sort of grabbed a valentine's cheetah and so we let him get that. He throws it around with a "mean" expression on his face...lol. We got Cody a card and a small box of chocolates. He didn't like the chocolates but when he read the card I thought he was going to cry. Then he smiled really big and said aww thanks guys. He has such a huge heart. He's an awesome little boy with many insights into life and he's a great kid.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Congratulations to Cody!!

Cody won first place for his valentine's box. We were so proud of him. Most of his votes came from the boys in his class. Not a real shocker there. But even the ones that are mean to him on occasion voted for him. The teacher was amused by their voting system and said that next time she will keep whose project it is a secret.

Austin's bottom right tooth has FINALLY popped through. He thinks it's funny. I think Ouch! I have been sticking my fingers in their so that I can feel it like ever 10 minutes..lol. Just want to make sure it's here to stay this time lol. So it's official on February 12, 2009 Austin got his first tooth. I can't wait to see his toothy grin.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Mailbox

So we (as in Eric & Cody) made Cody's Valentine mailbox tonight. It's very cute. It is so hard to find good ideas for boys in this subject. I think it's ridiculous that it's THAT hard. I am a very creative person and I just was pretty much stumped. I had a lot of good ideas but they were all a little girly. At least according to Eric, Cody and my Dad they were...lol This is what we came up with. It's freaking awesome! It sorta looks like the truck is hauling some dirt. In order for Cody to "get" his valentines he has to dump out the "dirt"! Cody thinks it's awesome and Eric is thrilled that it's a dumptruck considering that is his profession!

The day of the tornado watch there was an awesome double rainbow outside the house. We couldn't really capture the double part of it but we did get some good shots of it.

I thought these were beautiful...not really great pictures but beautiful all the same!


Okay so I was told I am slacking and that I need to blog everyday, however, that's NOT going to happen with two kids.

Nothing much is going on here. Yesterday, I cleaned the house, baked cookies, gave the boys a bath, and chased the cat. Yes I did chase the cat because the cat was using a box in the computer room as a litter box and somebody had to take the cat to HIS litter box..lol. While I was feeling very accomplished yesterday I was also a little freaked out. There are few things that I can say that I am truly afraid of. My major fear is a tornado. With all the warnings and being put under a tornado watch FREAKED me out. I have no idea where this fear came from. I was raised that the weather was nothing to fear. We lived through a tornado when we lived in Georgia. I was three and have no recollection of this tornado so I don't think that is why I am afraid of them. With the high winds at bedtime last night Cody had a hard time falling asleep and eventually we let him move to the couch and fall asleep there. Then I carried him to his bed and he slept through the night. I also went yesterday and picked him up from school as soon as I heard that we were under a watch. I know that a "watch" is just that the conditions are likely for a tornado but I didn't want him all the way at the school in case we did have a tornado. If I'm going to die in a tornado I want my family with me where I can do whatever I can to protect my boys. That's another good point to homeschooling, right? Okay so I have been pushing for the homeschooling thing and while I am most convinced that this is the best option, I think, that Eric is still only so-so with it. My goal is to change his mind. I asked God what to do and am waiting patiently for my answer. This is nothing that needs to be decided right at this instant so I am ready to wait. I figure He will let me know when I'm ready to hear his answer.

Other than that nothing much going on, cleaning, laundry (always), and making food (always)..lol. I have recently came into contact with a few people from my past that I haven't talked to in a long while. I like myspace so much better than facebook, but, alot of people that don't have myspace have facebook. Yesterday I was talking to a friend from highschool and we were noticing how easy it is to forget to make time for old friends, etc.. While I hate losing contact with people, it IS really hard to make time to not lose contact. Everyone has their own day to day trials and tribulations and it's easy to let it consume your life. I'm trying to not let that happen and hopefully with modern technology a simple hey how ya doing won't be so hard.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Doctor's Office

Today I ended up calling Cody into school because he spent the night at Eric's Mom's house and she called Sunday and said he had a temperature of 102.2. So he had a doctor appointment tomorrow anyway to do a check-up on his adhd medicine. Which he is doing wonderful on for now. Tonsillitis again! That makes four times in three months. Usually, stupid insurance companies, make you have it 6 times in one year. Well Cody is already at four times so the doctor said to go ahead and get them taken out today. So we have an appointment on February 24th at the ENT doctor's office in Dayton.

Yesterday's "to-do" list has sat there and only has the first three things done on it. However, I did make my husband some no-bake cookies. They usually for some reason on another do not set up and this time they set up and were wonderful!!!

So I'm still thinking about the whole home schooling thing. I know you guys are sick of hearing about it but I don't care. It's something that I think about and pray about on a daily basis. I just am really really not sure. I'm very confused. I just don't know what to do about it. As a mother, you just want what's best for your children and sometimes I hate having to make those decisions. What if home schooling is not what's best, but, what if traditional schooling is not what's best???


Sunday, February 8, 2009


So Cody had a really good week at school. Green dots all week long. I know that he tries very hard all week. He usually gets a reward after he's been having trouble at school. We're working on a compromise for a reward. He came home with some paperwork for a Disney Character Program. Yay us we get to rent a costume for like one night. That part irritates the crap out of me. I can't wait to see him in a program I just think that if the school can't provide the costumes or parent's help make the costumes that they should pick a different theme. They are willing to help provide Tinkerbell costumes, Cinderella, etc...but not one is for a boy. He also brought home paperwork on Friday telling us when his Valentine's Party is and what all he needs to have done by Friday. So we will be working on his Valentine box. Last year we went WAY overboard. Hobby Lobby convinced Mommy that we needed to buy too much stuff and ended up Mommy was hotgluing...etc. Cody did most of the box...but...ya know he was the only one that didn't have a "shoebox". lol What can I say I like crafts...lol.

Yesterday we went over to my mother-in-law's house to watch the Budshootout. There were only 25 racers so that made it nice...not so much congestion on the track. We are avid Matt Kenseth fans (#17). Karen and Jason (Eric's sister and her husband) are avid Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans (#88), and Cathy (Eric's Mom) is an avid Kasey Kahne fan (#9), so needless to say racedays are interesting. All of our drivers led the race at one point or another. There were a couple of wrecks that did some damage. To be honest I don't remember where Kasey Kahne finished or Dale Jr. either for that matter. Kenseth finished 9th! That was after a rear tire went flat and he had to go to the pits. Dale Jr. was in a wreck on the last lap and I'm not sure if he got to finish at all. So of course, Eric and I, are in the mindset of oh well at least our driver finished...it's all in good fun. We had some yummy food and pretty much ate all night long off and on. I just now realized that I didn't get a cupcake daggonit. I was going to but then Austin went to sleep on me. Literally on me. Let me say this, that boy conked out last night. I put him in the carseat, strapped him in, and we left. Then when we got home I left him in the seat so I could go to the bathroom. He stayed asleep and I took him out of the carseat and put him in bed and he stayed there until like 4:00 a.m. and then I just put him in bed with us. However, that turd won't let me sleep in to save my soul. 7:30 a.m. is for getting up around here. YUCK!!! lol

We have really nothing to do today and even if we did no money to do it with. Cody spent the night with Cathy and Garry and should be home around 3 or 4. On my to do list today are:
  1. Blogging (check)
  2. Cleaning up the house
  3. Boys need a bath
  4. Getting rid of some clutter
  5. Organizing the bills
  6. Painting my toes

I wonder how much I will get done? Probably the first three...lol. Which means I only have two more to go..lol.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunday and so forth

So, okay, Sunday I got like NO sleep. Austin was up from 2-6a.m. By up I mean WIDE awake. He just didn't sleep at all. I don't know why. He wasn't fussy or crying or anything. Anyway, I got up and I made a "thanksgiving" dinner. Jacob (my brother) & his wife Derya came down from Columbus and beings that all of Pike County was out of electric due to the storm, my great-grandma was spending a few nights with us as well. I made turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, corn casserole, heavenly ambrosia (heavenly hash), tapioca pudding from scratch, green bean casserole, rolls, and two pumpkin pies. My pumpkin pies were amazing. I have somehow grown up and never made them as weird as that sounds. They were picture perfect so I took a picture.
Anyway, Cody had to go to school Monday and boy oh boy was he mad. And I quote "school is lame". This is coming from a kid that since the age of 3 has begged to go to school. I am so upset by this. My little boy has always loved to learn. I feel like he has been robbed of his love of learning. Okay, so it sounds stupid when I type it but that's how I feel. It just makes me lean more towards homeschooling everyday. I have checked into a website that is a public school that I really like you can see it here http://k12.com/ohva/. I also checked out another site that I was not impressed with http://www.ecotohio.org/home.php. The second link doesn't have any extra classes (music, art, etc.). I don't know it's just something to think about.
Okay so today, I hosted one of those jewelry parties for Lia Sophia. I invited 30 people. The reason I did that was to get a gift, so I knew not everyone was going to show up. However, I was expecting more than 7 people (including my Mom who LIVES here) to show up. As of right now I get $40 in free jewelry. WHEEE go me. I was so disappointed. I am not doing anything again. I am so SICK of planning and preparing for things like this and people just don't show up. I realize that these are trying times for everyone so I get it. But, I didn't say they had to buy anything. I thought it would be fun. Guess I was wrong. I told Eric I would do Austin's 1st birthday party and then no more. We will disappear. I am just sick and tired of it. I will plan NOTHING again. It's not worth my time or energy. Well I can't say that I won't plan anything. One of the few people that did show up wants me to plan a baby shower for her first grandchild so I will do that. Hopefully there will be more people show up. The thing that bothers me the most is that I do my best to go to everyone else's stuff. The only time that I don't is if my boys are sick or Eric is. I go to everything it seems like. I quit! Here is my two weeks, and, by the way I will not be working my last two weeks.