Thursday, February 12, 2009


Okay so I was told I am slacking and that I need to blog everyday, however, that's NOT going to happen with two kids.

Nothing much is going on here. Yesterday, I cleaned the house, baked cookies, gave the boys a bath, and chased the cat. Yes I did chase the cat because the cat was using a box in the computer room as a litter box and somebody had to take the cat to HIS litter While I was feeling very accomplished yesterday I was also a little freaked out. There are few things that I can say that I am truly afraid of. My major fear is a tornado. With all the warnings and being put under a tornado watch FREAKED me out. I have no idea where this fear came from. I was raised that the weather was nothing to fear. We lived through a tornado when we lived in Georgia. I was three and have no recollection of this tornado so I don't think that is why I am afraid of them. With the high winds at bedtime last night Cody had a hard time falling asleep and eventually we let him move to the couch and fall asleep there. Then I carried him to his bed and he slept through the night. I also went yesterday and picked him up from school as soon as I heard that we were under a watch. I know that a "watch" is just that the conditions are likely for a tornado but I didn't want him all the way at the school in case we did have a tornado. If I'm going to die in a tornado I want my family with me where I can do whatever I can to protect my boys. That's another good point to homeschooling, right? Okay so I have been pushing for the homeschooling thing and while I am most convinced that this is the best option, I think, that Eric is still only so-so with it. My goal is to change his mind. I asked God what to do and am waiting patiently for my answer. This is nothing that needs to be decided right at this instant so I am ready to wait. I figure He will let me know when I'm ready to hear his answer.

Other than that nothing much going on, cleaning, laundry (always), and making food (always) I have recently came into contact with a few people from my past that I haven't talked to in a long while. I like myspace so much better than facebook, but, alot of people that don't have myspace have facebook. Yesterday I was talking to a friend from highschool and we were noticing how easy it is to forget to make time for old friends, etc.. While I hate losing contact with people, it IS really hard to make time to not lose contact. Everyone has their own day to day trials and tribulations and it's easy to let it consume your life. I'm trying to not let that happen and hopefully with modern technology a simple hey how ya doing won't be so hard.

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