Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what's up?

There is not much to say really. Mom has finally gotten a diagnosis after three years of waiting and being sick. She has neuro-mediated hypotension. It's sort of a heart condition that affects you're brain sort of. It's like that feeling when you stand up too fast? It also is linked with fibromyalgia. So that explains a lot of her pain and stuff. Hopefully now they will get a remedy of medicines that will work and help her lead a semi-normal life. This is a highly genetic disorder. Good luck to me I guess....

The boys are doing fine. Austin now has two budding teeth. The two bottom in the front. Cody however has two loose teeth. On is his front right tooth and the other is a bottom left canine, or the tooth beside that. He's doing pretty good at school and stuff. His academics are superior but his behavior is still a little stuggle. He fights every day really hard to just be calm in class. Ergo my constant battle of my mind with homeschooling. Geesh I'm redundant. I can't help it. I think about it constantly and it torments me. I find myself unable to fall asleep as easily as usual because I can't quit thinking that maybe he will be better off if I do it. UGH! I don't know.

Eric and I are good. There is a funny story about our first trip to Menard's here in the big ol town of Chillicothe. I'm NOT telling that story but let's just say we were given a free gift for going to the store. Don't ask what it was. hahaha There is a rocking ceiling fan there though. We will have it.

Valentine's Day was a bust. We really didn't have any money to do anything special or anything. In fact I think the last time we did do anything special for each other was like 3-4 years ago. I usually get a rose but it was out of the question this year. We were able to get the boys something small. Austin sort of grabbed a valentine's cheetah and so we let him get that. He throws it around with a "mean" expression on his We got Cody a card and a small box of chocolates. He didn't like the chocolates but when he read the card I thought he was going to cry. Then he smiled really big and said aww thanks guys. He has such a huge heart. He's an awesome little boy with many insights into life and he's a great kid.


  1. um don't forget about the dr pepper... =p

  2. Im happy that they finally figured out what was going on with your mother... i bet she is relieved to get some answers finally.

  3. Yes I did get a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper thank you for reminding me...

    Thanks we are glad to know exactly what it is and what the next steps will be...