Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is here and I'm loving it!

Spring has definitely sprung here in southern Ohio. Our forsythia bush has bloomed, the Easter Lilies are up, and there is that smell in the air that is just SPRING! The other day we made a trip to Chillicothe to return Cody's chest protector and exchange it for one that fit good and as we were making our way home I kept smelling this sweet smell. I asked Eric if he smelled it and he didn't so I wasn't sure what it was. All the sudden it was really strong, it was the trees lining Yoctangee Park! They are in full bloom and so beautiful, so I just rolled my window down and took as many deep breaths as I could before the flow of traffic took me away from the trees lol. I'm not sure what kind of trees they were but they're beautiful and they smell good.

We're wrapping up the school year here and while we're still learning, I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait for this summer break and a much needed vacation.

We celebrated Cody's 8th birthday a couple of weeks ago. We had a nice turnout. The weather wasn't cooperating very well but, it was nice for everyone to get together. I love watching my two families meld together and I catch myself just sitting back at staring at the loved ones around me. I like that my family can do that.

Austin will be turning 2 in May and boy is he rotten lately. I think that we have hit that "terrible 2's" full fledge and are embarking on the "trying 3's"! He asks why after EVERYTHING.
Me: Austin go to the bathroom it's time for a bath.
Austin: Why?
Me: Because you're filthy.
Austin: Why?
Me: Because you were playing outside.
Austin: Why?
Me: Because it's nice out.
Austin: Why?
Me: Because God is showing us how beautiful his love is.
Austin: WHY?
Me: Because He is good.
Austin: WHaaat?
Me: Because He is good.
Austin: Who?
Me: God.
Austin: Oh, okaaaay. Loves you.

He is a riot for sure. He's definitely a handfull though. My Mom gets a little irritated with me because I say that he is bad all the time. But, he is. Believe me, that's not anything to be proud of. He's just so stinking rotten that half of the time I want to pull the my hair out and the other half I want to cry because he's so cute!

Here's another anecdote of Austin. We are constructing a larger dining room and the men were up on the roof putting the shingles on and so forth. Austin was playing on the ground by the swingset and he sneezed. My brother says Bless You! Austin said Thanks AMEN! He screamed Amen at him lol. We have been working on our prayers and stuff and he has struggled with remembering to say Amen. Well he doesn't forget now lol.

I love my boys. They are so cute and sometimes not that well behaved, but, they are mine. There definitely could be worse. I love my family, my wonderful husband, my in-laws, my family, and our extended families. I love it all!