Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recap of weekends past and future endeavors

This past weekend was such a blast! We started the weekend off on Thursday with all day preparations for food for Saturday! I wanted to make sure that if there was trouble with my jello jelly beans I would have time to fix it. They turned out wonderful and were postively pleasing to the eye in their glass bowl and all! I admittedly had to smack a few hands and keep them OUT of the jelly beans (Eric & Austin=NO NO)

Friday was a day of cleaning and more cooking. We also had to sneak out and get the boys stuff for their Easter baskets! Never again, I tell you, will I leave the house on Good Friday for retrieval of "Easter-y" things! There was positively NOTHING to grasp for my little boys. We finally ended up getting non pastel candies, a tackle box for Cody (loaded with hand picked tackle), and an adorable cow for Austin. Let's discuss this cow. It had no price tag, no price on the shelf! So we find one of those price checker sytem thingy's and it was $15!!! I flip the tag over and it's because it was a webkinz animal! We decided to go ahead and purchase it, it was too cute to pass up. He also got a ball that he couldn't really care less about. He doesn't necessarily like his cow yet either, although, he will give it random kisses from time to time. Cody was THRILLED with the tacklebox however.

Saturday we got up and headed to my sister-in-law's Karen's house. We were meeting there to move onto Marysville. We were, count it, 30 mins early! We even beat Eric's mom and dad there. They were running a little late and Cathy told Garry, ah don't worry about it we'll still beat Eric and Tiff. Ha! lol Little did they know we were EARLY for once! So we got to Marysville and the yard was scattered with Easter eggs and Cody informs us he's making a "mental map"! lol We ate awesome food, talked, hung out, it was a blast. Cody kept calling the sparkling grape juice wine. Thanks to Jake & Derya's wedding and his "wine". It was getting on some peoples nerves because it wasn't "nice" for a 7 year old to be so interested in wine. I say, OH WELL, he likes it and he knows it isn't really wine, he likes to feel like a grown up at any given point in his young life and this is one way that we allow that to happen. While on a cigarette break (with 3 kids outside), I was walking alongside a child that was naming off his colors like a pro. He was only three (at the time, turned 4 today) and he knew every single color. We had a conversation that went as follows:
Me: Augustine, are you excited for the Easter bunny to visit you?
Augustine: There are no Easter bunnies in our world, only real bunnies!
Me: (stunned silence followed with) I see!
Me: Augustine, do you like to hunt for Easter eggs?
Augustine: I DO!

It was the most precious thing ever I think! He looked at me like I was a Duh, why wouldn't he like to hunt for easter So cute. Eric kept saying all the way cute was Augustine and Olive? He was so impressed with their vocabulary and nature. Augustine is a really cute kid. I made him ask his Mom before I would take him outside and he said I'll be back and raced down the stairs to ask. While waiting upstairs for him, Olive says Oh, I'm coming too! And off she raced down the stairs to find her Mommy. SO CUTE!!!

So Saturday we came home and made some homemade rolls and mac n cheese and anything else we could. Jake and Derya came down and helped and spent the night. Austin had a screaming fit and just couldn't not go to sleep so we took him on a ride in the dodge. Jacob said to Derya, yeah we're not having any Then on Sunday.

Sunday we got up early and did what we could to get ready. Everything was going smoothly. Jacob was playing with Austin while I helped cook/clean. He was getting ready for his morning nap and Jake hands him over with a "there's a 22 lb. birth control pill" Apparently my little boy is a Yep, I knew that when he was still in the

Sunday evening we headed up to Karen's house for a celebration dinner up there. HAD A BLAST...we played cards, ate good food, hung out, hunted eggs, made plans, fun, fun fun. Kylie is getting so big and I swear prettier and bigger every time I see her. I try to remember to tell Kylie, this is Aunt Tiffany and I love you....I LOVE being an aunt. It is so much fun and I can't wait until she gets bigger and can say Aunt Tiff I love you....okay maybe I'm jumping the gun a little bit, she's only 3 1/2 months

Monday should have been a day of rest, but, Cody ran out of adderall and that meant a day of wooo how do you even describe that day? Eric hurt the muscles in his upper back and couldn't help his Dad move that day and spent ALL day in bed with muscle relaxers and motrin and cold meds.

Tuesday he was feeling better but not tip top. Today is much better for him. He went mushroom hunting with my parents and the poor things only found 6. He was disappointed but did however find the biggest one. I did laundry=puke puke! That's about all really. Eric is making plans to go to KC raceway this weekend there is a big race and he wants to go. Seeya! lol
On an unrelated note, after he dropped Cody off at school he came home with a single red rose. I said aw Thank you! What is that for? Eric says: Cause I love you! Awww isn't he so sweet.

I realize that by posting that story as I did that it makes it sound like he was buttering me up witht the rose. That was not the case, I don't I'm too tired to reword the above!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

things that make you go hmmmmm

Some things that make me go hmmmm:
1. Why the grocery store did NOT have blue jello?
2. Why Cody came home with an orange dot today?
3. How man time is different than real time?
4. Where time goes?
5. Why I say I'm going to do something and then make the job harder by doing other things directly related to it?
6. How Sunday dinner turns into 3-4 meals all in one?
7. How I can justify paying $2.04 for gas and not have money for "extras" (ie. haircuts, make-up, clothes, shoes, blah blah blah)
8. Why I make lists for everything..hahaha?
9. Why I feel the need to watch the news and then get depressed by what the news is saying?
10. Why I want things and then when I get them I feel overwhelmed by them?

Speaking of #10, have I mentioned that I am 3/4 of the way into enrolling Cody in homeschooling? All I have left to do is get a document notarized and then he's in. I am a little "confused" for lack of a better word. He has been really struggling lately and I think that we are going to have to do another dose change on his medicine (adhd). I say that with a heavy heart. I was hoping that we could get him completely off his medicine soon. I am really stressing out about this. AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Sorry I felt like I needed to scream and so I typed it??? Less noise?

I went to the grocery today to get all the different types of jello that I needed to make my jello eggs and jelly beans. Sorry Jenny, I lied lol the majority of them will be jelly beans. Anyway, I also got the stuff to make rice crispie's egg treats thingy's. They have a commercial for them. I also picked up plastic eggs to take to Cody's school tomorrow for the easter egg hunt. I bought two packs of 14 plastic eggs. There are 25 kids in his class. Then I picked up a bag of airheads (Cody's fav. candy). There were 25 candies in this bag. I got home and started filling these plastic eggs and got to 24 and guess what? No more Airheads! They ripped me off a whole candy. I was so mad. I was looking for numbers of people to call and everything. I almost cried. I was just so frustrated by that point. So one of the eggs have about 5 hershey kisses in it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

I hate when crap like that happens. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

oh okay

Cody singin his heart out!
Robert & Cody saluting after the recital!
There is literally not a whole lot going on. Cody had his first and probably only school recital last week and I will post a couple of pics. The kids had to dress up like a character out of a disney movie. Cody was a toy soldier from the movie Toy Story. Who would have thunk it?

We are looking forward to Easter weekend! We have a weekend full of fun planned. We are going to a dinner in Marysville Saturday, then on Sunday we are having my family dinner mixed with my Grandma Charlotte's birthday party and then we will leave there around 3 and go to Eric's Mom's house or maybe Karen's house. I can't wait to see everyone! Austin has an outfit already but needs some cute shoes to go with it. Cody has so many polo's and button ups I will probably just pick one of those for him to wear. I, however, need clothes but will probably just pick out an outfit and complain about it on the inside lol.

So as the summer time approaches I have found myself in desperate need of cami's. If anyone finds any that are really cheap please let me know! I would like for them to have the square neck line so I can where them under stuff and my ta-ta's won't be showing as bad! This is something that has never really bothered me before but this year I find myself trying to hide the sista's. Eric isn't exactly thrilled with this, but, I guess I should be flattered that he is still attracted to me? lol

Austin riding the gator

My Mom is getting better. They have her on 2 of the 4 or more meds that she needs. She is actually able to get up and do things around the house now! She is so happy. I have never seen anyone that happy to freakin clean! lol

Cody rocking his new shades!

Well our onions are in the ground if the frost hasn't killed them! We have also had a HUGE problem with the birds "unplanting" them. We hung the pie plates to deter them, but, that only works when the wind

Austin still rockin out in his sleep! Check out those itty bitty fingers!