Wednesday, April 8, 2009

things that make you go hmmmmm

Some things that make me go hmmmm:
1. Why the grocery store did NOT have blue jello?
2. Why Cody came home with an orange dot today?
3. How man time is different than real time?
4. Where time goes?
5. Why I say I'm going to do something and then make the job harder by doing other things directly related to it?
6. How Sunday dinner turns into 3-4 meals all in one?
7. How I can justify paying $2.04 for gas and not have money for "extras" (ie. haircuts, make-up, clothes, shoes, blah blah blah)
8. Why I make lists for everything..hahaha?
9. Why I feel the need to watch the news and then get depressed by what the news is saying?
10. Why I want things and then when I get them I feel overwhelmed by them?

Speaking of #10, have I mentioned that I am 3/4 of the way into enrolling Cody in homeschooling? All I have left to do is get a document notarized and then he's in. I am a little "confused" for lack of a better word. He has been really struggling lately and I think that we are going to have to do another dose change on his medicine (adhd). I say that with a heavy heart. I was hoping that we could get him completely off his medicine soon. I am really stressing out about this. AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Sorry I felt like I needed to scream and so I typed it??? Less noise?

I went to the grocery today to get all the different types of jello that I needed to make my jello eggs and jelly beans. Sorry Jenny, I lied lol the majority of them will be jelly beans. Anyway, I also got the stuff to make rice crispie's egg treats thingy's. They have a commercial for them. I also picked up plastic eggs to take to Cody's school tomorrow for the easter egg hunt. I bought two packs of 14 plastic eggs. There are 25 kids in his class. Then I picked up a bag of airheads (Cody's fav. candy). There were 25 candies in this bag. I got home and started filling these plastic eggs and got to 24 and guess what? No more Airheads! They ripped me off a whole candy. I was so mad. I was looking for numbers of people to call and everything. I almost cried. I was just so frustrated by that point. So one of the eggs have about 5 hershey kisses in it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

I hate when crap like that happens. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!


  1. Things that make ME go Hmmmmmmm.

    1. when you record something on tv. And then go back to watch it to find out it is something different then what is listed in the guide. AHHHH

    2. The feeling after you stuff yourself. BLAH AHHHH

    3. Looking over at your kid and seeing them putting the fork in between their toes. and thinking hmmmmmm. should i take it away or just let him finish eating. ahahah

    4. walking across the bathroom floor and SEEING a TOENAIL on the floor that is clearly NOT yours... And thinking Hmmmm WTF is that doing there. and why the f could you not notice that when its the size of a jellybean! ahahha hmmmm.

    5. Running out of shampoo or Conditioner... and thinking hmmmm wtf their was a whole bottle in here yesterday i just switched them out. AHHHH

    6. Looking down and realizing you have two different Kind of Shoes on... (WTF) AHHHHH.

    7. Neighbors that stair at you when you walk out side to get the mail. (Hmmm did i forget to get f*cking dressed or something quit staring before i set your cat on fire with a match & gasoline from my shed. AHHHH

    8. Walking out the front door and remembering you got your kid dressed and your still in your jammies. hmmmm where did my mind go at that moment?

    9. Coloring is actually very stress free. Hmmm i really just said that.

    10. Next time i make ice cubes maybe i'll get that jellybean size toenail and stick it in the ice cube tray and make HIM GO Hmmmmmm!!!!

    SOrry couldn't resist!!!