Tuesday, April 7, 2009

oh okay

Cody singin his heart out!
Robert & Cody saluting after the recital!
There is literally not a whole lot going on. Cody had his first and probably only school recital last week and I will post a couple of pics. The kids had to dress up like a character out of a disney movie. Cody was a toy soldier from the movie Toy Story. Who would have thunk it?

We are looking forward to Easter weekend! We have a weekend full of fun planned. We are going to a dinner in Marysville Saturday, then on Sunday we are having my family dinner mixed with my Grandma Charlotte's birthday party and then we will leave there around 3 and go to Eric's Mom's house or maybe Karen's house. I can't wait to see everyone! Austin has an outfit already but needs some cute shoes to go with it. Cody has so many polo's and button ups I will probably just pick one of those for him to wear. I, however, need clothes but will probably just pick out an outfit and complain about it on the inside lol.

So as the summer time approaches I have found myself in desperate need of cami's. If anyone finds any that are really cheap please let me know! I would like for them to have the square neck line so I can where them under stuff and my ta-ta's won't be showing as bad! This is something that has never really bothered me before but this year I find myself trying to hide the sista's. Eric isn't exactly thrilled with this, but, I guess I should be flattered that he is still attracted to me? lol

Austin riding the gator

My Mom is getting better. They have her on 2 of the 4 or more meds that she needs. She is actually able to get up and do things around the house now! She is so happy. I have never seen anyone that happy to freakin clean! lol

Cody rocking his new shades!

Well our onions are in the ground if the frost hasn't killed them! We have also had a HUGE problem with the birds "unplanting" them. We hung the pie plates to deter them, but, that only works when the wind blows.....lol.

Austin still rockin out in his sleep! Check out those itty bitty fingers!

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  1. Cody's toy soldier costume was cute. he looks like he enjoyed himself! Austin is killin me in the "gator" lol... COdy is one BAD ASS DuDe with his shades.. and of course austin is takin after the big brother rockin out in his sleep. I totally laughed my ass off when i noticed his fingers. LOL!
    Enjoyed looking at the pics!!!