Monday, March 30, 2009

Circus' and Birthday Parties

We took the boys to the Shriner's Circus the Sunday before last. Cody had a blast and well Austin slept through the whole first half...somehow. This was the first circus that my Mom, Dad, Jacob, myself, Cody & Austin had ever been to. It was so much fun. Eric couldn't be there due to some circumstances. He has already been to a few and wasn't thrilled to go anyway, he said they suck. I, however, thought that it was awesome! Then afterwards we went to Chuck E. Cheese's. The boys did have fun there however, Cody threw a huge fit when we were leaving and I was really upset. We tried to do something really nice and I felt like it was ruined. He did apologize afterward and say that he really had fun and that he was rude. I felt so small after chastising him and you could tell he really felt bad.

So yesterday was Cody's birthday party. He turned 7 on the 26th! I can't believe he is that old already. Seems like just yesterday he was teetering around telling jokes. Now he jumps around and gives weather reports (ie. Daddy today is going to get up to 59 degrees. According to WCHO lol). He is so funny! Anyway he got some really terrific gifts. I cleaned for 4 days trying to keep the house clean and kept up for the party. I noticed that the kitchen floor needed swept again for the FOURTH time right before we lit the candles. Here's a list of his presents that he got.

  • $10-from family friends in Marysville, the first card he received
  • a basketball-from Mom & Dad
  • a helmet (chrome with red/yellow flames), a racing jersey, and racing pants-from Cathy & Garry, Karen & Jason
  • a pair of racing boots, a discman-from Us
  • a pair of goggles for his helmet-from Mom & Dad
  • a $40 gift card to GameStop-from Grandma Charlotte and Papa Neil
  • a new XBOX 360 controller-from NeNe & Uncle Rob, Uncle Brian and Aunt Linda
  • a new racetrack for his hotwheels-from Jake & Derya

I think that is all really. I'm sure I missed something and someone will be upset but that's all I can do for now! lol

I have triumphed over my own fears and enrolled Cody into Ohio Virtual Academy for the 09-10 schoolyear. Where I was certain that this was the right decision before we made it, it is sorta scary now. I have been emailing a lady that lives in Jeffersonville that does it and she has four kids and number five on the way. She has been reassuring me and helping with some of my questions. I feel relieved that it's finally happening yet apprehensive.

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  1. WEll the circus looked like a blast. I might attend one... someday! Talon im sure would love it.

    The party looked like a hit and cody and austin looked like they enjoyed themselves! Cody got lots of great gifts~ And From your myspace pictures my mouth is watering for that cake. Sorry again i couldn't' make it! =(

    I think you will do great with homeschooling. You already know my thoughts on it sooo i'll leave it at that.