Monday, March 9, 2009

Another point for homeschooling and so on...

I found out through a friend that Cody's teacher has been talking about the students to other parents. Let me first tell you that in Cody's school there is a "student of the month" program wherein the students of the month get to go to lunch at McDonald's with the principal. My child is no angel as we have previously discussed but he is not bad either. The friend's child has only had to move his crayon 1 time mind you. I said all that to say this: The teacher sat there with my friend (she volunteers in the classrooms to help out the teachers) and said "As the year goes on it's getting harder and harder to find a student of the month, I wish I could just pick my 'favorites' over and over." Can you believe that crap! I haven't had the parent-teachers conferences yet due to Cody's surgery but I do believe that she is going to hear AND see me at those conferences. I am so mad. First of all, you can't have favorites and if you do, DON'T say it to another parent whose child has not been picked and apparently NOT your favorite. Second of all, pay attention and watch your class. Those being picked 3 out of 4 in the past two months are the same kids that are bullying the other kids in the classroom, playground, and at lunch. Homeschooling here I come with open arms!!!!!!!!

I'm just tired of leaving my child's education up to people who are nothing more than overgrown teenagers!

Cody is doing exceptionally well! We had a couple of scares this past week. We had to call Children's Thursday night due to some "white veins" in the roof of Cody's mouth. Children's had me call the surgeon on call and he said he thought it was probably thrush from the antibiotic they gave him. So we stopped the antibiotic and gave him some of Austin's Nystatin. Did the trick and cleared right up. It's so hard to keep an adhd kid calm and laying around. He watches movies and plays his video games for the most part. I have to go to the school and pick up his work tomorrow and then he'll have something to do. We also bought some thank-you notes for him to send out. They are really cute with lines inside that are good for children to write know the wide lines with the dashes down middle? So we'll probably do that tomorrow or Wednesday. Thursday we head back to the surgeon's office for a followup appointment.

Austin is doing...well he's doing! This child is so ornery. He doesn't mind that you tell him no in fact he doesn't care at all. He laughs! He definitely is keeping us on our toes to say the LEAST!! lol. I am glad he has spirit. At least, that's what I keep telling

With what looks like spring coming, I fancy taking up some jogging. We'll see. I doubt it. lol At least I am being honest with

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