Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hmmm what shall I blog about today? Well yesterday was a day where I actually felt like I got something accomplished. I helped Eric move and stack wood yesterday for hours. Then when we got it all moved and stuff I raked all the leftover bark and tree trimmings up. It was a really great workout. I felt my heart pumping (cardio), I was lifting with my arms, and while I was raking I could feel it pulling on my I had an almost all over body workout. The day before we went on a picnic to the spillway and we walked back to the spillway with the boys and played on the playground for an hour or so, I got my leg workout there. Note to self: When you say Do Not put Austin on that slide he's too little, stick to your guns! Austin HATED the slide, the sand however was another story. His favorite: The swing (go figure)! Anyway, I had fun helping Eric move all that wood and the day before, after our picnic, I helped him paint his flatbed alongside Cody.

Cody: Mommy you're doing MAN's work now!
Me (to self): When did I raise a sexist?
Me (to Cody): Thanks, I think.

Today was pretty productive too. Our bedroom has needed a total cleaning and I did it today. I cleaned out the closet, cleaned off the dressers (aka where we put EVERYTHING), and went through pile after pile of mail, junk mail, and Cody's school papers.

I received an email from a prospective school for Cody next year, my favorite. They are having an informational/enrolling seminar in Washington Court House on Tuesday. We are planning on attending. I really like this school and I have done my research. They have schedules of what a typical 1st graders day is like posted on the website and it pretty much meshes with what I had in mind. So we are definitely thinking that we will at least do a one year trial.

Cody did well returning to school today. The teacher called me first thing this morning and I was like oh crap! She just wanted to make sure that Cody was right and couldn't take his fluoride treatment this morning. I told her to hold off for the next couple of weeks. His scabs are almost all gone but I don't want him to get anymore bleeding. Everytime I talk about his scabs I want to puke in my mouth. The thought of scabs inside your mouth just makes me nauseous. Blah!

I was so happy to have some warm weather lately. Eric got the garden tilled up and wanted to do it one more time before the rains hit but we ran out daylight.

I was watching houseswap this evening (reruns on Lifetime) and there was a professional organizer on. She said that she asks herself three questions:
1. Do I need it?
2. Oh, crap I forget #2
3. Does it make me money?

Good questions! Of course it would help if I knew the second one. I like to add a fourth rule, if it hasn't been touched in a year do you really need it around? There are some exceptions to this, ie. books, board games, and some movies. That's all I can think of right now and I'm sure there are others out there.


  1. Well i wish i had some pictures to admire while i was reading this blog...I LIKE when you post your pictures..... lol...

    Thats cool you guys decided to go with home school option i think you are going to be great at it. It will be hard to adapt to it at first. but once you get through it a few times and learn what ways work best for all... It im sure will go smoothly!

    I was laughing when you said when did i reise a sexist!!! mans work egh... Shoot i had flashbacks to delivering firewood for mas and summer mornings of weed eating and stacking dump trucks full of wood at 6 am... just so i could go swimming at noon.. ugh i don't `miss that....

    i like wife swap but im not sure what night its on????!!!!

    AGAIN... I MISS THE PICTURES THEY add detail. to your stories... (im sure we would of all loved seeing the boys playing or YOU Raking leaves or painting.... ) PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES... ahhahaha

  2. lol okay okay next time i will post max sure did work u guys like There will definitely be pics of the circus bare with me while i get it going lol