Sunday, March 1, 2009

This busy busy week!

So we have a challenging week ahead of us this first week of March (hurry up spring).

Monday-We have a chiropractor appointment (with the most amazing chiropractor) in Marysville. We will leave there and go to a friends home to pick up some items that she is graciously giving us in Chillicothe, then we're off to the bank, then to pick up Cody from school.

Tuesday-We are getting up early and heading to Dayton. We are going to walk the mall, hang out, eat lunch @ Chuck E. Cheeses (I have coupons), then we're headed to the hotel where we will be staying pre-surgery and swim, swim, swim. This day is dedicated to keeping Cody's mind off the surgery!

Wednesday-Surgery Day. We are getting up early, taking Cody to the hospital (Children's), we have to be there at 7:20 a.m. and his surgery is at 9:55, then the procedure takes 30-45 minutes, he will be 1 hour in recovery, then moved to a pre-op room (fully equipped with dvd players and a PLAYSTATION 2), he will be in this room for 2 hours to watch for bleeding. Then released to go home.

Thursday-Is probably going to be a really trying day. Cody will be in a lot of pain and I'm not sure if he will be able to swallow his adhd meds. That's not a huge deal I just hope that he's not in a horrific amount of pain.

Friday-Cody should be able to swallow the ice cream that we bought for him. Before that he is strictly juices and popsicles. He also requested some cottage cheese when he's able to eat it.

So that is our week busy busy busy. I'm trying to have a really positive outlook. His doctor literally does like 100 of these a week, but, it's the first surgery that Cody has ever had and while Eric thinks that I'm nuts, I'm scared! My baby boy is going under anesthetic and it's scary! Eric insists that it's not a big deal (he's had his out as a child and doesn't remember any special treatment) and that we are baby-ing him too much. I say anytime ANYONE goes under anesthetic it's a big deal. I'm not going to post my what-ifs on here, but, I am trying really hard to give my worries to God and let him take care of me, but, this is a hard task for a worry-wart (especially when it comes to my kids) like me.

Other than that, we got back our income tax this week so we have already paid off some bills and some more are on the way. We set up a budget for our refund this year. So much goes to bills (the majority-lemme tell ya), then we are fixing the Dodge, and other than that we are taking $390 and buying season passes to King's Island! Cody has to buy an adult ticket this year (he's over 48" tall). I'm so excited! To be honest, I'm already looking forward to Hauntfest! We had such a blast last year on our free tickets to the hauntfest that I would really like to go more than once this year and not wait until 10 p.m. to leave to go there! lol

There was talk today of our garden and what all we want in it and what we're going to can. My Aunt and Uncle are using Mom & Dad's garden too this year (they live on a hill in the woods and no room for a garden). Previous years we would just give them some stuff and they would help can it etc. Mom told everyone this year that if they want stuff from the garden they need to help "in" the So we have confirmed two more helpers. We buy our canned food items from Save-A-Lot and they raised their prices 30 cents recently and we have decided that, that is unacceptable. It's getting to the point where noone is going to be able to afford to eat anymore. This economy is crazy. We are planning on loading up the garden and actually living off our own land. Some say that in ancient times, this was the only way you could survive. lol j/k

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