Saturday, February 21, 2009


Okay so if you don't have one of these GET ONE! This is like the best kitchen gadget ever! It basically breaks up the hamburger etc. when you are browning it. I made chili tonight for supper and I also made some garbage dip too. It's a really simple recipe and it tastes so YUMMY! Anyways you can get this wonderful tool at

Other than that not too much happened today. I cleaned up the house a bit. Austin had a biter biscuit and cheetos so he had to have a midday bath. That's something I usually do in the early evenings but he was soooooo gross. About 20 minutes after his bath I had let Wrex out and he got all muddy playing with Moosehead. So after I put Austin down for his nap I had to give Wrex a bath. He does really well however he weighs like 200 lbs. He's a huge yellow lab and it's all I can do to lift his front paws into the tub. So my back hurts and we decided to play some cards after supper tonight. Other than that nothing...I have such a boring life.

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