Sunday, February 8, 2009


So Cody had a really good week at school. Green dots all week long. I know that he tries very hard all week. He usually gets a reward after he's been having trouble at school. We're working on a compromise for a reward. He came home with some paperwork for a Disney Character Program. Yay us we get to rent a costume for like one night. That part irritates the crap out of me. I can't wait to see him in a program I just think that if the school can't provide the costumes or parent's help make the costumes that they should pick a different theme. They are willing to help provide Tinkerbell costumes, Cinderella, etc...but not one is for a boy. He also brought home paperwork on Friday telling us when his Valentine's Party is and what all he needs to have done by Friday. So we will be working on his Valentine box. Last year we went WAY overboard. Hobby Lobby convinced Mommy that we needed to buy too much stuff and ended up Mommy was hotgluing...etc. Cody did most of the box...but...ya know he was the only one that didn't have a "shoebox". lol What can I say I like

Yesterday we went over to my mother-in-law's house to watch the Budshootout. There were only 25 racers so that made it nice...not so much congestion on the track. We are avid Matt Kenseth fans (#17). Karen and Jason (Eric's sister and her husband) are avid Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans (#88), and Cathy (Eric's Mom) is an avid Kasey Kahne fan (#9), so needless to say racedays are interesting. All of our drivers led the race at one point or another. There were a couple of wrecks that did some damage. To be honest I don't remember where Kasey Kahne finished or Dale Jr. either for that matter. Kenseth finished 9th! That was after a rear tire went flat and he had to go to the pits. Dale Jr. was in a wreck on the last lap and I'm not sure if he got to finish at all. So of course, Eric and I, are in the mindset of oh well at least our driver's all in good fun. We had some yummy food and pretty much ate all night long off and on. I just now realized that I didn't get a cupcake daggonit. I was going to but then Austin went to sleep on me. Literally on me. Let me say this, that boy conked out last night. I put him in the carseat, strapped him in, and we left. Then when we got home I left him in the seat so I could go to the bathroom. He stayed asleep and I took him out of the carseat and put him in bed and he stayed there until like 4:00 a.m. and then I just put him in bed with us. However, that turd won't let me sleep in to save my soul. 7:30 a.m. is for getting up around here. YUCK!!! lol

We have really nothing to do today and even if we did no money to do it with. Cody spent the night with Cathy and Garry and should be home around 3 or 4. On my to do list today are:
  1. Blogging (check)
  2. Cleaning up the house
  3. Boys need a bath
  4. Getting rid of some clutter
  5. Organizing the bills
  6. Painting my toes

I wonder how much I will get done? Probably the first Which means I only have two more to

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