Monday, May 16, 2011

Summary of a Year

A whole year has gone past and no new posts. I don't know where the time has gone, but, I know it wasn't spent blogging. Lol. So what's new around here? Where to start????

I guess we'll start with public schools. We decided to let Cody go back to public schools. He has had a roller coaster of a year. He started off rough. We expected that, with his adhd coupled with the homeschooling, it was a little hard for him to get back into a routine. He has struggled a little socially too. I would have never guessed for Cody to struggle in a social atmosphere. The kid knows NO strangers and usually can strike up a conversation with any kid. But, it's different when they are in school and he's the "new" student. He has been picked on relentlessly, by a few students, whose parents I know and would DIE if they knew how their children are behaving and speaking. Cody has come home on more than one occasion asking questions (of a sexual nature) that I was totally NOT prepared to answer. Out of the 50 or so questions, I only refused to answer 2. I have always felt (and was raised) that no matter what you always tell children the truth. There are, of course, some exceptions to the rule. However, for the most part I try to tell them the truth. Academically, he's doing wonderful! All A's & B's for the first two semesters, and All A's for the 3rd semester. His 4th semester interim is also showing all A's. If any of you have ADHD out there, you know how hard it is to achieve a goal like this. He really set his goals and worked hard to achieve them. He was tested for TAG twice. The first time he came home and told me he threw the test because he didn't want "extra homework". The second time, he told me he tried hard and then weeks later admitted that he missed questions on purpose because he was afraid that he wouldn't do good in TAG!! I was so upset, I didn't know what to do or say. He's now waiting until they test again next year and promises that he will try his hardest as long as I promise that he doesn't HAVE to do TAG unless he wants to.

Marriage: You know that cheesy saying, where people say: "I married my best friend and soul mate...." etc... Yep, I'm one of the cheeser's because that is exactly how I feel. Now before you go thinking I have rainbows coming out of my rear end, BELIEVE me that I don't! I don't think marriage is supposed to be a walk in the park. I think it takes work and compromise, but, if you can work and compromise with a partner that can keep you sane, make you laugh for no reason, and they still make you have butterflies when they kiss you-then you got it all! I'm so happy to be married to Eric that I can't imagine what it would be like to not have a marriage like mine. We have our own issues, but, we work through them always. Our rules are: Don't go to bed mad. If you have something on your mind, tell the other person (they can't help you or change what they did wrong (etc) if they don't know about it). This next year we are working on date nights. We only go out without the boys MAYBE twice a year. We're thinking once a month???

Austin: Austin just turned 3 a couple of weeks ago. It's hard to believe that he is that old already. He's been really sick off and on this winter. We started off good. He didn't even get a cold I don't think until after Christmas. But with spring coming/going/coming again he has been super sick the last 6 weeks or so. He has 2 more weeks to go and if he still isn't better we're looking at tubes and tonsillectomy. He's on an allergy medicine right now too. The Dr. thinks he's allergic to grass. He had pneumonia 3 weeks ago too. It's been a rough month and a half. He is, however, one of the funniest kids I know. I love when he gives us squeeze hugs.

My life definitely isn't perfect and things don't always go the way we want them to, but, we are doing pretty okay. I love that my life seems insane most of the time. I pray every night for some patience. That is the one thing that I lack TONS of. It's so weird that I have patience with other people's kids, but, let my kid do the exact same thing and it's punishment city. lol. But, I'm working on it. Those of you with extremely smart kids: Do you find that you treat them as if they are older than what they are? I find myself saying and thinking: Cody is way too smart and old to behave this way or that way. But then, I think NEWSFLASH! He's only 9. I'm struggling with that too. I'll get it, one of these days! ;)

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