Monday, May 23, 2011

Storms and such

We had a nasty storm this morning and then it was B-E-A-utiful out! I managed to get the whole house cleaned (other than bedrooms) and supper made. Then it was time to leave for Cody's game and we watched 1 inning. Let me tell you some background. This game was actually last week and we got 1 inning in. Then today we got another inning in, before, the whole sky turned black and they "paused" it again until next week. Stupid rain. I know, I know, I know someone out there right now is singing the rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey song. I know we need some rain, but, in all seriousness enough is enough. Remind me of my distaste of rain here in about a month or two when the well has dried up and I'm complaining because we need rain for the garden etc... lol

Cody was beaned with the ball. This was his first time in an actual game. It hit his helmet and then slammed down on his little bony shoulder. Thread marks and bruise right then and there. P.S. When this game starts AGAIN next week, we start where we left off. 4-0 so far. We're up!

He has another game tomorrow night and Wednesday night. Although, at this rate we may be playing ball into next spring. lol It makes it rough on this Momma when his games start at 7:15 (more like 7:40) at night. Um, hello Cody's bedtime is 8:30. Seriously??? He won't be in bed before 10 until possibly Thursday. By then, what's the point? lol

He has approximately 8 days left. He's getting out early Wed. for a Dr. appt. and Friday is field day so technically it doesn't count either ;).

Ever have those days when people don't even have to say anything and they tick you off? I've been having a week like that. I don't know what is up with me but, I'm telling you everyone everywhere are getting on my nerves!!! (Insert: Red Hot Chili Peppers song: "Somebody's gettin' on my nerves" here)

I'm pretty sure I'm done subbing for this school year. Too close to the end of school for aides and such to be taking off. We'll see. I would like to add a few more days to my June check ;)

Other than things have been pretty good. I'm at a point in my life where I am happy with "most" of my choices. I have come to terms with alot this past year or so. So so so happy that I married my best friend! I <3 our marriage!

Oh and P.S. I need a personal drill sergeant to motivate my hiney into losing some weight. I have the WANT to do it, but, when it comes down to

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