Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Why is it I blog for a few days and quit? What is wrong with me? I like doing it. I just don't understand why I don't do it more often. It may be because I keep a paper journal too and I feel like I'm telling the same stories over and over again and again. Alot has actually been going on since September so let me start there.


Eric and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary! We celebrated by taking a drive, going out to eat, and then we went to the Hollywood casino with $20 a piece. We stayed maybe all of 20 minutes...hehehe.

We found out that my Great Grandmother has been being abused by her daughter (my paternal grandmother), and my Aunt (my dad's 1/2 sister). It was all emotional and verbal abuse and so far we have only learned of one instance of physical abuse, when they threw plastic flowers at her face. So we rescued her. She is now living with us and APS (adult protective services) has been called. We had no clue how to start out taking care of an elderly person. I was a home health aide before I had Austin, but, being on the other side is waaaay different. It amazes me every day the things that have done or said to my Grandma. It's despicable! You hear all these stories about things like this happening but I would have NEVER thought it would happen in my family. Needless to say, we have NO contact with them. It has been arranged that they cannot find out any information on her (medically and financially). They even stole some of her teddy bears!!!! Really? How low can you go? It's heart wrenching to hear the stories of what they have done to her. As I type this I'm sitting here crying for her. Who does this and to your own mother????

October brought the Fall Festival of Leaves! One of my favorite times of the year. We got to visit with our friends from Boston that came to visit us for a couple of weeks during the festival. Jane is building a house right next door to us and so it's been fun to watch it go up! It's completely done now! So pretty! She will be moving here in a few months.

November brought a lot of Dr.'s appointments for G-ma. We are switching almost all of her doctors to more local ones. We have found an amazing cardiologist here in Chillicothe. Gma likes him really well and says she likes "looking at him". He's younger which in her eyes is a total plus! She cracks me up. She's 86 mind you....lol.

We had too much food and visited lots of family during Thanksgiving. I love being able to spend time with my 2 beautiful nieces and my 1 gorgeous nephew. Eric's sister's girls are absolutely a couple of the most pretty little girls I have ever seen and my nephew can literally make you do things with just his eyes! His eyes are absolutely GORGEOUS! He was born with a faux hawk and has yet to outgrow it! So cute!

We are barely in December and we have almost ALL of our Christmas shopping done! YAY!!!! We have gotten the boys completely done and almost everybody else done too. It would help if people would actually give us a list to go by or something...you know who you are! lol

Other than all of that we are doing really well! Cody is doing really good in school. He has struggled yet again with bullies but it's getting better. I hate that he feels compelled to believe these kids! He is soo smart and advanced at most things I just don't understand. Cody has always been such a social kid and has never had any trouble like he's had the last couple of years. He used to be so confident (almost cocky to tell the truth) and now he has NONE. He thinks he is stupid and ugly. And after a summer break from his ADHD meds and a little weight gain he has determined he's obese. He's definitely NOT obese, but, he has gained about 20 lbs. 10 of which he needed to gain to have a normal healthy weight. I have harped on him some, not because of his weight gain, but, because he's not making healthy choices. You can have a snack, but, you don't need to eat a WHOLE tub of chip dip...you know what I mean?

Austin, oh Lord do I pray over this kid. He worries me constantly. I would bet money that he is as well ADHD, but, he sure does give me a run for my money. There couldn't be a funnier kid, but geez oh louise...he keeps me on my toes for sure. He is a sponge and picks up on anything Cody says or does. Which isn't always a good thing when your kids are spaced 6 years apart....lol.

Maybe I'll remember to post more ;)

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