Monday, December 12, 2011

Unemployment Nonsense

Eric got laid off for the winter...yaay (boo hiss). I'm glad we get to spend so much time together. When he gets laid off we truly have fun. We're broke, but, we have fun! While filing yesterday we ran into some complications and needed some answers...their help forum SUCKS! There is no where to go to ask simple questions and if you call your are on hold for 3 days (not really but it is seriously like 3 hours). There has to be some way they can make that website easier to maneuver. It's old, outdated, and just a plain pain in the rear end. Surely with all this technology that is everywhere could help them out, I mean geesh. Okay seriously I was mad. A paragraph rant on unemployment is suffice. hehehe

I'm taking Grandma to the doctor today. She's not feeling very well so this should be an interesting trip. Her bones are aching and she's having trouble getting around.

We got all our Christmas presents bought. So much wonder my pocket book is so skinny. =)

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