Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year!.........

Here we are in December and every single weekend is This weekend we have basketball practice and then a game later this evening. My in-laws are coming to show their support to Cody. He has never played basketball before and so he's in the instructional league. He's getting better all the time. Most of these kids have been playing in a league for 2 years so he's a little behind. I didn't know that you could sign up at 2nd grade and he didn't want to play last year. He has a lot of talent, however, our basketball hoop at the house is a couple of feet he feels inadequate at best.

Next weekend I have deemed "The In-law Marathon". It all starts Saturday morning. Not as early as we planned because Cody has a basketball game...but everyone gets to come so that makes my Sister-in-law happy! Then food, presents, food, playing cards, food, playing with kiddos, food...hmm might be a pattern Then we spend the night and get up the next morning for a family reunion. Then we are heading to Eric's gma's house to spend a Thanksmas. We are combining Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then home.

The next weekend is Christmas weekend so enough said. hehehe

The next weekend is New Year's weekend and we are staying home as usual. We don't like driving on this holiday as there are too many drunks out. Next year's plans are to get a hotel somewhere close and swim into the new year ;)

I love the hustle and bustle of the season. For right now that is...ask me when it's It's cold here now and there were some flurries yesterday. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the snow, the smell of snow in the air, and the smell of wood burning stoves....I will literally roll the window down and sniff the air! Drives my husband and kids crazy but I love it! It's almost as bad as fall..ya know when you can just smell the leaves and everything fall? That's my favorite...but Christmas snow and wood burners are 2nd and it's a close race ;)

I'm hoping to get to town at some point this week and finish up my list. The boys and I made some ring garland last night with construction paper. It was fun. Cody and I finished up because Austin was bored. We hooked both of their strands together and hung it up in the doorway of the dining room. Mom just ordered some more Christmas crafts from . Those will be in soon and while on Christmas break we will make those. Looking for more ideas to keep the kiddos busy during break. Without using electric. Well other than lighting of Homemade play dough is in our future! Christmas colors of course.

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