Thursday, May 7, 2009

we are now chicken farmers....yeaaahh

Today started just like any other day. I hit the snooze button twice because somehow that makes me having to get out of bed okay 12 minutes Then I commenced to getting Cody ready for his tedious day at school. Eric called me and said that they had no work and he was on his way (need money)...yay (Eric was coming home). I have missed him terribly the past week and a half. I loved him being on layoff. I didn't love the financial hardship of it but I loved spending all day everyday with him. By everyday, I mean when he wasn't working on something. lol. Anyway so we decide to go do our Mother's Day shopping and some running around town. We made a grocery list, and a list of everything we wanted to do. Suffice it to say it all got done, but, we went to 4 of the 5 places twice, and one of them, three We started off by going to storage to pay this months rent, then we went to gas station. Someone has nicotine issues (that's me). Then we went back home because we forgot his paycheck from last Then we went to the bank and deposited it and paid our rent at the same time. Then we headed to TSC. Okay, this is how this went down. Austin was a little fussy (didn't want to sit in the cart) and Eric takes him towards these heat lamps. Yep it was Chick Days at TSC and we are oohing and ahhing over these baby chickens and baby ducks. And I say (half joking) let's get them a chick. And Eric says okay but you have to call your parents and ask I get out the old cellular and make the call and Mom says okay get So we talk to the sales associate and she says you have to buy 4 to get them to survive. So we decide we'll come back later. She also told us that out of this one tub they were all females and would lay good eggs. So, that's what we do. We leave there and hit up Menard's. Mom wanted hanging baskets and Cathy wanted a bathtub (she got a gift card towards her bath So we leave Menard's and go to the Sprint (it is important that you know that it is 11 am). Oh yeah, by the way, we let Cody skip school today...shame on us. I pay the cell phone bill to the tune of $180. Yeah it was a little behind by the way. That pays the entire bill whatever. Then we decide to go to IHOP. We ate and blah blah...that's all I can say cause it was neither good nor bad. We went to Wal-Mart next and got everything on the list and then some. It wasn't my fault. They had reduced ALOT of their infants and kids clothing to $1. I mean this is summer clothing to people. So I bought a ton of stuff for Austin. They only had 2 shirts left for Cody so I snagged those and I bought Miss Kylie McCoy Hatfield 4 things. Anyway we ran into Jessi and Sophie and hung out a little bit. Then we had to go back to Menards. Mom and Dad called and sent us to buy a screen door for the back porch. The one on there now is a piece of crap that is over 12 years old. So Eric runs in cause Austin fell asleep in line at Wal-Mart. Then we went BACK to TSC and bought these chicks. Eric's Mom said we needed 6. Now why she would tell Eric that I'll never know....she should have known what was going to happen next. Yep you guessed it. We ended up with 6 Oh well, the more the merrier I suppose. So we got the feeder, the feed, the bedding, the chickens, the waterer, and an info sheet on how to raise these chicks. We know for a fact that we got 2 girls no matter what, we're pretty sure the loud one is going to be a rooster. They are cute though. Anyway, so we leave there and go BACK to Menard's for the third time for a tub and a heat lamp (stupid TSC was out). Anyway, we go trekking back in there and when it was all said and done we spent about $80 getting things set up for freakin chickens. So much for saving money this week. lol. Oh well it was worth it, to see Cody THAT happy. We head home.

This whole time I think I receive 5 phone calls from Sprint and a stupid company that keeps calling me about a vehicle warranty....don't have a vehicle in my name STOP calling me. Any vehicle that we do have is SO NOT under warranty anymore...lmao. So we finally make it home and are sitting on the back porch eating supper and my stupid cell phone goes off again and it is sprint again saying that they are going to shut off our phones. It's 7 o'clock now and there is no reason why they haven't posted my payment when I went into the store to pay it and had to pay an extra $5 just because I gave their EMPLOYEES something to do other than talk about employees that were off today. Anyway, I'm mad by now and I call the number back and they told me to call this other number, it's out of service and I'm screaming pay your own phone bill and leave me the hell alone at this So I finally get ahold of someone and it's all I can do to understand him. I'm not convinced that he was even in the United States. Anyway I told him to make the phone calls stop and he says but you just pay a little while ago right and I say Uh NO, that was at 11 o'clock this morning it's now 7 p.m. Plenty of time to post the stupid payment. He says blah blah is that all I can help you with and I say NO as a matter of fact I have blocked all text messages from my phone yet Sprint keeps sending them to me and then when I receive them you guys keep charging me for standard text messaging rates. Block the freaking texts from EVERYONE, not just everyone besides Sprint. Ugh I was so mad. He said they shouldn't charge me for it but if it's on my next bill to call back. Yay!!!!! lol

Anyway so that was how my day was. Very busy and eventful. Did I mention that I am going on the second real vacation in my life this summer? Nope I didn't I just checked. We are going to North Myrtle Beach. We are staying at the Baywatch. I am so excited. Eric and Dad are not going to go. Eric has NO desire to go to a beach. So they are going to work and me and Mom and the boys are going to go with my Aunt Renee, Uncle Rob, and Nathan!!!! I'm soo super stoked. MY mother's day present is going to be a tanning package....can't wait for that. Then at least I will have a honey glow by July. I That also gives me time to lose weight and save up enough money to really enjoy ourselves. WOOOO HOOOO


    I wanted to see the CHickS.....(B*tch)

    i have a few questions that can be answered at a later time....

  2. ive always wanted to raise chickens!!! im so jealous!!