Sunday, August 9, 2009

nothing like being late

First and foremost, let me say this, my kids did not take to the beach like I thought they would. Austin spazzed everytime we got near the ocean. Cody took until Thursday to come around to it. It was crazy! We had a beautiful condo (thanks Uncle Rob & NeNe) on the 17th floor. This somehow was like a stature thing according to Cody. He kept saying over and over we are only 1 floor from the penthouse! Kids are so funny like that. I'm so glad we decided to go down a day early and stay part of the way. There is no way Austin could have made the whole trip down there.

That being said, Mom and Dad, bought a portable dvd player for the trip with dual screens. However, the second screen was green the whole time. So frustrating. Anyway, we had a blast at Mytle Beach. We stayed on North Beach and although there were a lot of people it wasn't overly crowded. There was plenty of beach room and I didn't spaz about the boys. Austin was okay in the sand and one of the many many pools at the resort. I was so ecstatic when Dad and Eric decided to surprise us and come down Thursday night. I was having fun but I was postively having a blast once Eric got there. Our schedule was as follows:

  1. Wake-up

  2. Go to beach

  3. Go up to the resort eat lunch in condo

  4. Go to beach

  5. Go up to resort get showers and dressed for exploring, dinner, and putt putt

  6. get home late at night and start over

This is what we did pretty much everyday! It was awesome. So much fun to be had and so much was had!

As soon as we got back, we got a new surprise, hence calico kitten named Heidi. She was named as such for the simple fact that she hides at any given notice.

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