Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Annoying Really!

So we had Sunday dinner today. I thought, just for a second, that we had made it through it without anyone getting seriously annoyed. I got into trouble a couple of times for my mouth and it's dirty habits, but nothing serious. UNTIL.....the very end. We were getting ready to leave when a certain somebody has the nerve to go up to MY son and snatch Cody's belongings away from him and THEN accuse him of stealing. My kid may be alot of things but a thief he is NOT!!!! It wouldn't be that bad but this happens just about every Sunday dinner. This child loses his own belongings and then blames Cody for stealing them. It drives me batty. I already said something to the "someone" today. But, let it happen just the one more will be the LAST time. Mess with me that's one thing, mess with my children, and it's on like donkey kong buddy. Especially, when the accusations are completely false and unwarranted. Cody has NEVER stolen a thing in his life. URGHHHH!!!

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