Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday 01/18/09

We are having Sunday dinner today at my Grandma Charlotte's. This is the first time in ages it's been here. She just bought her first ever "brand new" couch and she wanted to show it off. She cooked fried chicken, mashed potatoes, succotash, and I made the brown paper bag apple pies. I sure hope they are good cause you make the pies put them in a brown paper bag and put the bags in the stove. It sounds all good, however, while baking the paper bags smell awful. The family gets together every other Sunday for a huge family dinner. There's like 14-16 of us at any given dinner. The kids enjoy seeing all the cousins and so forth. Sometimes it's hard to be around some of these people. I love them all dearly but sometimes they just get under your skin. Well there's really just a couple. I think every family has em.

I took some pics of the boys on Grandma's new couch. Here is a list of her rules for the new couch (I'm naming it Fred).

Fred's Rules

1. You cannot sit on the couch with your shoes on.

2. No smoking on the couch.

3. No animals on the couch.

4. You may not drink or eat on the couch.

5. No bodily functions on the couch to include burping, farting, spit-up etc

6. You must bathe before you can sit on the couch. j/k

I think that is all of Fred's rules. Fred is green in color and is a gorgeous couch. Grandma is so excited about her couch and is just being precautious. It's really sort of cute. She's probably only half serious about the rules. But, everyone is afraid she's serious ergo noone is sitting on Fred.

Maybe some more later...I doubt it though.

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