Friday, January 30, 2009


Today I did 3 loads of laundry....only after a 2 day break from doing laundry. Seriously, where do these clothes come from? 2 days ago I had all the laundry in the house done, blankets, bags, new shirts, etc. How is there 5 loads that need to be done today ready? I loathe laundry I think. Dad says: "I will start doing your mom and mine laundry". I say 2 more people doesn't break the laundry It almost seems as though it would be a waste anyway. I think it would be a waste of water, soap, etc. Plus, then we would have like what scheduled laundry days?? Not worth it, just pile it in, I will take care of it.

I also swept the kitchen floor, vacuumed the house, cleaned the kitchen, peeled potatoes, took a shower, and went to a viewing of a dear friend of mines. Jessi's grandmother took her place in the Lord's household last week and her viewing was today. It was a nice viewing with people telling tales of the good ol' days. I met a really nice preacher (he wasn't really a preacher) today. All dressed up and ready to go. I also was hit on by a 7 year old and an elderly man that wanted the 7 year old to find him a I didn't bite do to the fact that I walked in on said elderly man patting other women's butts. lol. All jokes aside, I feel bad for the family. The pain on their faces was enough to jerk your heart out. I mostly hung out with the kids. They found me entertaining and I was slowing them down from running, screaming, and well hitting each other. Or at least I tried. I found it really nice that Jessi's work sent flowers. It's comforting to know that a growing business found time to honor their employee like that.

So I was all dressed up today. Couldn't really go to a viewing in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and all. It felt really good to get dressed up like that. I was talking about it with some people and said I always feel good all dressed up but I hate doing it. Does that make any sense? If I like it why don't I do it more often? I blame it on being a country girl. That's no excuse but at least I ain't to

Cody, Eric, my 2 cousins, and Dad went sledding on the hill across the road while I was gone. A good time was had by all. I walked in the door at about 7:40, Austin was asleep (I was like whaat?) and fed. Apparently he hit a growing spurt today and ate and ate and ate, with little to no spit up or other bodily functions (of the ucky nature). He's getting to be such a big boy. He has pretty much weaned himself off the bottle and formula. The bottle, I say more power to ya little one, the formula has me a little worried. I feel like he NEEDS those vitamins. So I put in a call to the doctor yesterday. They weren' THAT worried about it. Just said to keep offering it to him in a sippy cup and if he takes it great and if he doesn't that's okay too. I feel like Johnny 5 though, need more input. Do you remember that movie? Short Circuit? It's so 80's. I loved when he read the phone book in like 3 seconds. I always wanted to be able to do that. I don't know why.

Well I am done rambling for now. I think.


  1. i get *so* annoyed when david just throws the kids clothes into the laundry basket without seeing if they are actually dirty first. im like DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY LOADS OF LAUNDRY I DO? im not going to wash clothes that arent dirty!! lol

  2. lol that's funny cause I used to get in trouble all the time as a teenager for the very same I sure as heck don't do it