Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday 01/16/09

Today, I feel like I wasted. Don't get me wrong I did my motherly duties. But I didn't really do much else. For example, I only did two loads of laundry. I feel like there just isn't enough time. I feel myself longing for spring/summer days. We're putting out a hefty garden this summer. We always put one out but this year we're putting out a bigger one due to the economy etc.. And even though it's going to be some hard work I keep imagining the boys playing in the yard while I weed the garden and plant. Then I see us all going for a late afternoon/early evening dip in the pool. I can't wait for barbeques and my most favorite summer pasttime bonfires. I imagine that Eric and Cody will definitely put in some hours on the quads this summer as well. Warmer temperatures, camping, spending alot more time outdoors this year, and even the smell of some water babies sunblock. This summer will definitely be different from summers past. I see just alot of more outdoor activities this year and have already (in my mind) been planning out our summer. I think Cody will more than likely want to play ball again this summer and now that we have his adhd under control it should be a more pleasurable event. Eric and I had some serious discussions this evening and it should prove to strengthen our marriage and family in some big ways. I love my husband so much that sometimes I don't think he realizes how in love with him I am. He makes me so happy on so many different levels that when I think back to when we almost didn't make it, while it was a big deal, I feel like that if we can get past that we can get through anything. There is a saying that every marriage has to jump some hurdles and sometimes when I think of all we've been through that we have literally climbed some mountains in the past I hope that there is nothing but rolling meadows ahead of us.

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