Monday, January 26, 2009

Update on Dad

Dad came home from the hospital today. It was definitely pneumonia. It settled down in his right lung. He has some antibiotics and another chest x-ray next week and hopefully a ct scan. They want to make sure that the pneumonia is not masking something else (IE. cancer). Hopefully not. He also came home, to my surprise, with no smoking pills. I was really shocked. Of everyone to quit smoking I never thought it would be him. Slow down after this sure, but not quit.

Cody and Dad did some more bonding tonight by playing Lincoln Logs. Cody had a set and received another one for Christmas this year so he finally had enough logs this time to build more than one building. It made me long for an old set. The new sets come with plastic roofs that limit your building ability. Whereas the old ones accommodated the roofs to include long or short ones or no roofs at all. Dad said that maybe it was to stop catapulting...I don't know I just know it kinda sucks.

Cody & Dad talking about it.

Cody & Dad making blueprints.

SnotRod's Garage & Wash

Austin is soooo going to be my problem child. He has such attitude at such a young age. He literally yells at me (well more like a growl really). It's funny, yet not funny. I dread the upcoming years. Makes me think about when he is a teenager if he will still have attitude....yuck I hope He is such a wallower. He wallows me to death. It seems like sometimes that he has to be touching me at all times. It's cute yet annoying. He also started making the kissing noise today. It was so awesome. He's growing up so much. I want him to be little forever.

Austin laying on my feet.

Eric and I are still really good. It's amazing how strong our marriage is. It seem indestructible. I am so glad that he is my husband and my children's father. I was at a birthday party this past week and I was the only who was happy in her marriage there. I was almost made to feel left out or ashamed that we have a good marriage. I didn't feel that way, I felt proud mostly, but, it was a little disturbing. Then I realized when I looked around the room that maybe due to circumstances I was a little more mature than the people there. I didn't care though. I just will have to be more careful about the surroundings that I allow myself to be in. Thankfully, Eric watched the kids for me so it was a nice break.

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