Thursday, January 15, 2009

New additions

Well we have a new addition in our house. Freckles, the outside cat, has decided it's too cold outside for her butt and has invited herself indoors. This cat is a stray mind you, she just showed up one day and has never left. My Dad has been known to publicly announce his dislikenes (is that a word) for cats, however, he is the sole caretaker of this cat. Also, he is currently being shoved out of his bed due to the new cat moving in. She is a cute cat, black and white, healthy now. When she first showed up she couldn't open one eye, looked like she was starving, and had what appeared to be a hole in her stomach. When I say hole I mean the fur was never missing but a large (baseball sized) dent was there in her side. The dent is now gone, she is of healthy weight, and she opens her right eye. But, there is a squint on that eye. She goes to the vet tomorrow for vaccinations (due to the kids) and a thorough check-up. She walked in the front door today looked around for a little bit, climbed up the back of the couch and perched herself right on the quilt I had just washed that covers Eric & I's bed. Now the quilt is in need of washing again...crap.

In other news, my heart goes out to the plane crash victims that fell into the Hudson River today. So glad that everyone is okay. Well everyone except for the flock of birds that they hit that caused the plane to lose both engines.

Cody was on a two hour delay today and was sent home with a note saying that tomorrow will be another two hour delay due to the temperature, or lack there of. He's gotten good marks for behavior the last two days and is positive that tomorrow will be too. It's disheartening to know that she will inevitable be giving him "bad" marks on his report card that we should be getting Thursday. Three bad days in 6 weeks is apparently below average. If the teachers can have bad days why not the students? Maybe we should grade the teachers for their classroom behavior as well, on a daily basis that is. That way they aren't getting just the one day every two or three month report cards but a daily one as well. Yep still a little bitter I guess. Maybe it's just my motherly instincts jumping in not wanting anyone to tell me that my son is below average. Especially when he is not. He's in the first grade reading on a fourth grade level...below average??? I think not.

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