Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday 01/19/09

Today was less productive than I had hoped. I had every intention of getting the bills organized. Since the move meant leaving our desk in storage, I have found that I'm sort of disorganized on more than one level. Bills being the highest. However, my Mom bought me an organizing tool that has set on my bedroom floor for, oh about, 2 weeks. Can't help it. Between cleaning and laundry and raising two kids....I haven't found the time. YEPPERS I am procrastinating. I will get it done. I just need to drag everything out. And guess what?? I am dreading seeing just how many people we owe on paper.

Austin and Cody were pretty good today. Other than naps, Austin only managed to pull two things down. Both of which were glass. Haha nothing broke for once. Cody was a little whiny today, probably just tired though. He's supposed to be in there sleeping and yet he's awake. We put him to bed almost two hours ago. Gotta love it!

There's a couple of pictures of them just hanging out today. Austin fell asleep on Eric's lap for a little bit. Well, until we told Cody it was time to go to bed that is. The OOooh I don't want to go to bed sorta woke him up. Cody was playing a video game.

While I was giving the boys a bath, something that I now do all at once, the most hilarious thing (to me, not Cody) happened. I was getting Austin out and Cody always stays in and plays until I get Austin dressed. I was holding Austin up above the bathtub to get the last drips off and he pooped in mid air. Yep you guessed plop plop. And Cody was scrambling to get out of the bathtub really fast. It's even funnier now that I think about it. Cody was so grossed out and completely NOT rinsed off. Oh, and I just asked Eric how he got the poop out cause I was getting Austin out and he was freezing. And he just told me that he drained the tub, and one poop plop broke down and went down the drain and the other one he had to get toilet paper and grab it really fast cause the toilet paper had gotten wet. I am CRACKING UP right now. It was so comical and this just puts the cherry right on the cake....ewwww cake and poop. Yep I am a Mom.

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